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Welcome to Texas Select Seasonings™.After twenty plus years of perfecting all natural spice blends and fresh salsas for family barbecues, competition and special events, we are confident you will find our products have “A Taste as Bold as Texas™”

It’s all about family at Texas Select Seasonings™.

This site is dedicated to the loving memory of three of the most influential people in my life. The products for sale on this site are all about family.

FamilyPic2First, my father Billy Powell, a proud American who bravely served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, was a devoted father to four children and loving husband to my mother Alma.

Dad raised us with a strong sense of discipline and respect. After the war my father put himself back in school to continue his career as a diesel mechanic. When Dad passed at the young age of 50, he was a diesel mechanic instructor and wrote curriculum for the apprenticeship program at Metro Transit Authority in Houston, Texas.

My father enjoyed barbecuing for the family. On family birthdays we would gather at my parent’s house and take turns preparing a meal of choice designated by the birthday recipient. We would spend the afternoon in Christian fellowship. Dad’s favorite (that I cooked on his birthday) was seafood stuffed jalapeños and grilled redfish!

My grandparents on mom’s side, Simon and Elidia Garcia, lived on a ranch in Alice, Texas where I spent full summers with them. I can still remember the aroma of fresh ground chili pequin and homemade tortillas coming from her kitchen. She made the best carne guisada, fideo, enchiladas and other Spanish dishes that I have ever eaten in my life.

FamilyPic3My grandfather liked to barbecue quail, deer and wild hog. I will never forget the soothing sounds of his saxophone on the back porch late at night and how he could call the coyotes up as an audience.

At Christmas we made homemade tamales, enough to enjoy and for everyone to take plenty home. Dad would break out his guitar and join Grandpa on the porch to play some gospel and old time favorites.

My mother Alma has always been an exceptional cook as well and as kids we picked up on her cooking techniques and then developed our own throughout the years. Mom now prepares meals daily for the priests of St. Mary’s in Galveston and has cooked for the Arch Bishop.

My Grandmother on Dad’s side who lives in Elkhart, Texas always cooked incredible smothered meats, biscuits and redeye gravy, peas, cornbread and other delicious meals prepared southern style.

FamilyPic1My wife’s family is from Northern Louisiana, namely Cotton Valley and Springhill. Her relatives are still raising fresh vegetables in their 80’s! My mother-in-law, Sarah Pharr, makes the best smothered chicken and pork chops in the world. Another favorite of mine is her homemade fried peach pies.

So as you can see, our roots run deep. The recipes we use are based on all of the cooking influences in my life, and have been perfected over the last sixteen years.

At TSS, we stand behind the integrity of every product developed for our customers. Please feel free to call or email anytime with feedback, cooking suggestions or a family story that includes TSS products. A TSS cookbook entitled “Cooking with TSS”, a special recipe collection from customers, friends and family is coming soon and we would love to have your story or recipe included.

From the TSS family, we Thank You again for visiting our site and hope you have a wonderful day!