Blackened Pot Roast

This recipe ROCKS! Fed the family of 6 for round $14 dollars, and will have a second meal out of it!

  • 4 lb. Boneless chuck roast
  • Taters
  • Vidalia Onion
  • 2 lb. bag carrots
  • 2 boxes of Baby Portabella Mushrooms
  • “Basic Beef”
  • “Jalapeño Dusted”™
  • “Salt-Free Blackened”
  • “Herbal Red”™

Took roast an dusted good with TSS “Basic Beef” and “Jalapeño Dusted”™, then used fork to “work” the seasoning into roast by multiple pokes. Wrapped up and set in fridge for bout 1 hr. Then took roast an dusted it good with TSS “Salt-Free Blackened”.

blackenedpotroast 01

Ready to blacken.

Then got 1/2 stick of butter an got it just hot nuff to start browning in fry pan, and blackened roast, all sides, use tongs to do the narrow sides of roast, blackens up very nice an quick. Washed the baby ports an halved them an put the roast and shrooms in roasting pan and put water in the fry pan I used to blacken, swished it and put bout inch of water in the roaster with shrooms and blackened Chuck roast.

blackenedpotroast 02

1st trip to oven.

Put into oven for 2 hrs, at 300 deg. then removed and took shrooms out an put them in sauce pan an covered with juice from roaster, dusted them with “Herbal Red”™ and covered to simmer. (“Herbal Red”™ ROCKS ON THOSE PORTS!) Replaced the shrooms in roaster with peeled an halved taters, peeled and cut carrot sticks, and a large sliced vidalia on top of roast, “Herbal Red”™ dusting on the onion. Add just nuff water to come up to top of roast, cover an put in oven at 350 Deg for bout 1 hr to 90 mins.

blackenedpotroast 03

2nd trip to oven.

When brought out roast, took meat an goodies out to serve, took shrooms outa the juice they was simmering in an added to roaster and whipped up some real serious gravy. End result was a roast that fell apart under a fork, and the goodies an gravy were PERFECT.

blackenedpotroast 04

As the rat boys say SNARFIN TIME!

NOTE* I love to cook an try different things, I gotta say something about the TSS “Basic Beef”. I have tried any number of spices an blends that advertise they “enhance” the flavor of beef, and in my mind they have all failed miserably. Most tend to overpower the beef an detract from the natural flavor. NOT SO WITH TSS “Basic Beef”! This blend is flat out PERFECT IMO, it does just what it is supposed to. It is a wonderful, subtle blend that just flat out makes beef better. Anything from burgers on grill to roasts an stews, try this blend, it is fantastical!

Bill TSS “Basic Beef” rocks!

Now a hint for the leftovers of this excellent feast. Friday I will take my deep chicken fryer and I will warm up the left over gravy in it, an add the meat an taters an carrots an onion, slice the shrooms an add them. Then when it is simmering nicely in the pan on stove I will make up some basic Bisquick recipie dumplings an toss them on top of the “stew” an cover it an cook till dumplings are done. Ya end up with a kind of stove top Pot Pie. Very very good.