Peach Mango Chicken

Start with chicken breasts, liberally apply “the Juicy Pig”™ and set it in plastic bags in fridge overnight.

peachmangochicken before
This is how it looks before going into bags in fridge to wait for grilling.

Mix 12 oz. can of mango nectar with 12 oz. can of peach nectar and add 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lime juice.

After marinating overnight, take chicken out of fridge and spritz with the peach/mango/lime mix, then sprinkle more “the Juicy Pig”™ on it.

Get a good spread of hot coals going and put the chicken over them when they get gray, turning frequently and spritizing with the peach/mango/lime mixture each time turned.

Move the breasts to outer ring of grill, and put all the coals into a pile in the center, put on a couple small sticks of apple wood and cover tight, leaving a small slit in the vent, and let cook for for 1 hour.

peachmangochicken after
This is how it looks after cooking.

11 people ate it, all said it was the best tasting chicken they had ever had. My grandchild is notorious for not eating anything but hot dogs, picky as heck! He used BOTH HANDS to shove chicken in his face, then came around to the adults saying “meat, meat” and ate more off our plates.