TSS Injected Turkey

Take a 20 lb. turkey and wash him up good!

Melt 6 sticks butter and put in 4 tablespoons of “Salt-Free Cajun” and 4 teaspoons of “Savory Salt-Free” an let it steep.

When the butter mixture tastes real good, inject it all through the turkey, then give it about 4 or 5 good shakes of “Savory Salt-Free” into the cavity of the bird.

Preheat oven to 500° (yes I said 500°, this method is my favorite way to cook turkey, real real good).

When the oven hits 500°, put the bird in for 20 minutes, the skin will brown a tad and the outside will be crispy.

Reduce heat to 375° and cook without foil or covering until done (180° on thermometer in thigh). A 20 lb. bird only takes about 3½ hours to get done using this method.

tss injected turkey
The end result!

The end result is a crispy skinned turk that has the butteriest, moistest meat you will ever try and using “Salt-Free Cajun” and “Savory Salt-Free” gave it the best flavor you could imagine! With the gravy made from the drippings an some homemade pan dressing (TSS “Savory Salt-Free is a fantastic dressing seasoning by the by!), we all had to loosen our belts that night! The pic says it all!