“Jalapeño Dusted”™ Southern Fried Rabbit

Fried rabbit in my opinion is “the other white meat”. This fried recipe works for domestic or wild rabbits. The wild rabbits can be marinated in buttermilk and spice overnight if desired. For this example I used an electric skillet to smother fry the rabbit pieces. When we cook outdoors I use a cast iron pot and open fry. The gravy can be made with hot water or milk. Serve with a glass of sweet tea, hot buttered cornbread, purple hull peas and mashed potatoes with gravy.
(Rabbit before seasoning.)

Cut two to three rabbits into pieces (depending on size) and make sure to cut across the backbone. Sprinkle generously with “Jalapeño Dusted”™ seasoning on the outside.
(Seasoned rabbit in the flour.)

Fill your electric skillet to desired level with your oil of choice. I use canola clear fry or peanut oil. Start heating the oil until it reaches 325°- 350°. Dredge the seasoned pieces in flour and tap together to remove excess flour. I like to use a double lined brown paper bag to shake and coat each piece evenly.
(Rabbit legs frying nicely.)

Add rabbit in batches of same size pieces. Cover with lid to smother fry or open fry each batch. Turn every 4 minutes until done (12-15 minutes).
(Starting the gravy.)

When the rabbit is finished, remove the majority of grease leaving a small amount on the bottom of the skillet. Do not strain the grease, the scraps add flavor. Sift flour on top and work in with a wooden spatula until it starts to thicken up. Once it turns thick and pasty, add hot water or milk, salt, pepper and “Jalapeño Dusted”™ to taste.
(Final Jalapeño Dusted fried rabbit.)

When my wife Barb made this plate for me to photograph, I got so excited about sinking my teeth into that leg staring at me, I forgot to add the cornbread. Make some sweet tea to compliment this wonderful Southern treat.