Juicy Pig/Apple Juiced Pork Ribs

Started with some nice boneless country style pork ribs, put on “the Juicy Pig”™ (for my taste, pretty heavy) then put it in fridge all nite an through day.

applejuicedporkribs 01

Then 15-20 coal fire in weber kettle an once grey spread them out. Took spritzer filled with apple juice an then put the ribs direct over coals in center of kettle, stay with them, and just kinda let them sit till fat starts to drop, don’t wanna burn the
sugar in the blend. Turn ribs to next side, spritz the side that was just on coals with apple juice. Repeat process till ribs are seared on all sides.

Take off the grill an then pile coals into center of kettle an put ribs off to side out of
direct heat. Spritz them good with the apple juice again on all sides. Toss on bout 4 thumb thick fresh apple wood sticks for smoke an cover kettle, and seal up vent
cept for tiny crack. Let them sit for bout 1 hr to 1 hr and 10 mins and here they be.

applejuicedporkribs 02

Fresh tossed salad, ranch and TSS “Herbal Red”™ as garnish. Deep fried tater wedges with “Rattlesnake Dust”.