Buttermilk Fried Gulf Shrimp

Our “Jalapeño Dusted”™ pre-seasoned fish fry is perfect for fresh and saltwater fish, shrimp, oysters and veggies. A simple egg wash (egg and milk) is an option to the buttermilk used in this recipe. If you like additional zest, sprinkle some “Jalapeño Dusted”™ spice on your seafood prior to battering or after removing from the deep fryer. Serve with fries or onion rings, hush puppies and salad.
(Shrimp soaking in buttermilk.)

Peel and de-vein some medium to large gulf shrimp. Shake off excess water by bouncing in a colander or blotting with a paper towel. Place shrimp in a glass bowl, pour buttermilk over shrimp, cover with plastic and refrigerate overnight.
(Shrimp on batter ready to coat.)

After draining the buttermilk off the shrimp, heat a cast iron pot with Canola or peanut oil to 350°. Add some shrimp to the “Jalapeño Dusted”™ pre-seasoned dry batter. A container was used above that has a sifter in the middle to separate batter from the shrimp. This product can be purchased at discount and outdoor stores.
(Final fried shrimp.)

Fry the shrimp in batches at 350° until golden brown and starting to float in the grease. Line a pan with paper towels and add the shrimp as they finish frying. I normally shake some additional “Jalapeño Dusted”™ spice at this point.