Mesquite Grilled Fresh Salmon in a Citrus Marinade

This salmon recipe features “the Juicy Pig”™ rub on fresh smoked salmon. The marinade should soak in the fish at least one full day. Teriyaki sauce or honey can be added if desired. This fish is great cold on mini-bread and crackers with fresh sliced apples. Serve warm salmon with a chilled citrus fruit and leaf lettuce salad and honey mustard dressing. Pour a glass of fruity white wine or sweet tea.
(Salmon after oil and seasoning.)

Start with juicing one grapefruit, two oranges, two limes and one small lemon with pulp. Marinate the salmon overnight turning every couple of hours. Honey or Teriyaki sauce can be added if desired. After marinating, remove the fish and place on wax paper. Brush with olive oil and apply a generous amount of “the Juicy Pig”™.
(Salmon over mesquite bed.)

Burn some charcoal and mesquite chunks down until the pit reaches 325°- 350°. Place a secondary rack above the expanded metal. Turn every 10-15 minutes. Use clean spray bottle to add remaining marinade after each turn and re-season.
(Final salmon in foil pan.)

After 45 minutes the salmon should be moved to a foil pan. Cover with foil and let the fish steam for another 10 minutes. The salmon can be cooked longer if a softer, well-done fish is desired.